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    Wrights Dowsons Renewables

    Waste Handling Feed Systems

    Wrights Dowson Group have developed a range of waste feed systems to satisfy the anaerobic digester and separator feed and reclaim systems market. The systems have been developed in conjunction with leading UK based waste and solids separation Company’s, offering complete turnkey solutions.

    We have specifically designed our equipment to meet the demanding environments and requirements of the waste handling industry. Heavy-duty construction combined with unique design features, means we can offer reliable, durable and robust solutions.

    Given the range of waste product and packaging materials handled, places additional demands on the selection process for materials of construction and their compatibility across the pH scale. Typical materials of construction offered ranges from carbon steel painted or hot dip galvanised, through to more specialist materials such as 304, 310, 316 and 321 St. St.

    In addition to full installation and interfacing with downstream process equipment, we also offer spare parts and servicing for continual reliability of the installed equipment.