Efficiency in the manufacturing industry is essential. It means that a bulk quantity of products can be processed and readied for distribution quickly and with product consistency across the board.

New ways to maximize efficiency are being implemented constantly. Still, in this article, we will talk about Bin Activation Systems. What are they, how do they work, and why should you consider this product when taking steps to improve your productivity.

What Is a Bin Activator System?

A bin activator is a system which is designed to dispose of bulk quantities of dry materials. It is made up of a conical drum that, with the help of gravity, siphons materials into a receptacle below.

The idea is that it gives a more efficient production line when working with dry products. In addition, it uses a gyratory motion to minimize obstructions from the storage silo and withdraw the material effectively.

So, How Does It Work?

The idea is that the bin activator is fitted onto the bottom of a storage silo. Now, to fit the bin activator, the cone at the foot of the silo needs to be cut shorter than it would allow for a broader outlet. Therefore more materials can be dropped through the area.

A flange is attached to the bottom of this section which gives the silo a lip for the activator to clamp onto. This connection between them is flexible, allowing for movement between the two surfaces. This is essential when considering the gyration needed to help the dry materials along.

The activator is now attached with clamps and two electric vibrating devices. Their purpose is to maximize movement in the bin activator.

Once fitted, the bin activator connects to the screw feeder and becomes an essential part of the manufacturing process.

What Benefits Would I Reap With A Bin Activator?

  • Time Management – The production rate would be boosted with a bin activator. Not only does it shift product through more quickly, but the vibrations and movement mean that the risk of blockages and obstructions are minimized.
  • Product Uniformity – Having such a bulk of products being processed precisely the same way, speed, and pressure means that the divergence between each end product will be smaller.
  • Financial Benefits – Efficiency usually translates as money saved. The rate of its functioning and minimal supervision allows for more profits to be made once a bin activator has been installed.

In Summary?

A bin activator is a super helpful addition to any large scale manufacturing process, from mustard powder to cement powder; this brilliant contraption is an option worth considering.

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