The Wrights Dowson group is one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of screw conveyors. They have built a reputation for providing well-designed, heavy-duty and functional equipment. Hanger bearers are amongst the components for which they have provided innovative design choices.

What Are Hanger Bearers?

Hanger bearers find applications as rotational bearings for drive and screw conveyor shafts. These applications are often enclosed with a trough or housing. In addition, the bearers provide suspension for the conveyor cross-bracing. They are used across the automotive assembly aircraft assembly and in a range of agricultural applications.

Hanger bearers are commonly made of cast iron, wood, bronze, steel, thermoplastics and polymers.

Common Issues With Hanger Bearers

There are several common challenges faced by hanger bearers that can affect their lifespan and efficiency.

  • Screw conveyor bearings and hanger bearings are often inaccessible, making them hard to lubricate and maintain. As a result, hanger bearings often cause a lot of downtime in your operations or incur replacement costs earlier than desired.
  • Hanger bearings are pretty noisy.
  • Not all bearings comply with FDA and CEMA standards.
  • Galling causes a decrease in journal and shaft life

Wrights Dowson Group’s Solutions for Hanger Bearers

The Wrights Dowson group has innovated on the traditional hanger bearer design to provide a simple solution for many of these challenges.

They offer self-lubricating hanger bearings available in metric and imperial sizes. These are maintenance-free and prevent early failure due to lack of lubrication.

They also supply Morgan Technical Ceramics Z Hanger Bearings. Ceramic bearings provide long term high-efficiency. They can extend a bearing’s life up to 25 times and reduce galling, providing an increase in journal and shaft life. In addition, they can significantly reduce noise in most cases. The ceramic bearings are FDA approved for food and pharma industries and enable customers to replace only the bottom half of a bearing to reduce unnecessary replacement costs.

Right now, ceramic hanger bearings find applications in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Foods
  • Cement
  • Grain handling
  • Chemicals and minerals
  • Pulp and paper
  • Power and energy

The choice of material should always be determined by the application. For example, bronze hangers can be fashioned to be self-lubricating, whilst wood hangers are well-suited to intermediate hangers, which convey moderately abrasive materials.

Hanger Bearings and Inserts From the Wrights Dowson Group

Get in touch with the Wrights Dowson group today to tell us about your applications. We provide anything from single spare components to component services for a complete machine. In addition, our expert engineers will be happy to answer any technical questions and provide support.