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In this article, we will be discussing bin activators. What are they, and what requirements should you consider when ordering one?

What is a Bin Activator?

A bin activator is an inverted cone or a suspended baffle across an outlet hopper. It utilises vibrations to impart force into the bulk material and break down potential arches. This allows the material to flow freely and consistently. In addition, it reduces stress in the outlet region and shields the flow.

Bin activators are useful when free-flowing material needs to be conveyed vertically down into a conveyance system. This is a standard process for silos with grain or animal feed and pharmaceuticals.

What to Consider When Ordering a Bin Activator

On-off Cycling

When ordering a bin activator, you need to decide whether you need to decide on on-off cycling or whether it will consistently vibrate material for extended periods. Different bin activators give you different levels of control over this process. For example, some vendors believe that on-off cycles can lead to mechanical failures with time. Others observe that vibrating products for extended periods with a closed outlet can lead to arches and compacting problems.

Typical Applications of Bin Activators and Their Considerations

You should also think about what material you will be conveying and its specific requirements. Here are some examples.

  • Chemical industries may require explosion-proof motors, self-cleaning design and corrosion-resistant materials. This is vital because the product might otherwise wear down the bin activator or even cause significant damage.
  • Agricultural products often move as they’re made out of light and springy material, which requires a steeper cone for deeper penetration.
  • Dairy and food Industries need to avoid all contamination to adhere to FDA laws. They require smooth stainless steel materials of construction and sealed cones.
  • The coal and foundry industry requires an abrasion-resistant design and needs to handle high-temperature components.

Decide on the Ideal Specifications With the Wrights Dowson Group

Our engineers work closely with customers and the latest CAD design and 3D modelling software to design applications that meet your requirements. We can help you decide on the ideal specifications for bin activators to ascertain a better ROI and long-lasting operations.

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