The Wrights Dowson Group is one of the most trusted suppliers of bulk handling equipment and related accessories in the UK. Alongside screw conveyors, they also offer a range of bin activators to encourage the smooth flow of powdery products in industries like animal feed and grain, chemicals, food and cosmetics.

Different types of bin dischargers can aid in regulating the flow of your bulk material. Whether a bin activator is suitable for you depends on your specifications. This article will discuss when a bin activator might be an appropriate addition to your handling process.

What is a Bin Activator?

A bin activator is a type of bin discharger used to activate stagnant material in a hopper or a bin so that it can flow freely into the production process. For example, powdery or granular materials can form arcs and bridges that stop them from flowing evenly, leading to the loss of product or leaks.

Bin activators specifically utilise vibration to activate the material and promote flow. They can be installed as a separate unit at the base of a silo, bin or hopper. The material flows into a cone activated by a vibrator and discharges the powder at a steady flow.

Bin activators are available in stainless steel and food-grade materials and can be designed for heavy-duty usage.

When to use Bin Activators

Use bin activators for low-volume operations that concern a granular or free-flowing material. Examples include grain, plastics, wood chips, powders, etc. Vibrating bin activators are very easy and cheap to install. All you need is a vibrator to agitate the product.

You should avoid vibrating bin activators if your bulk product is sticky or reacts poorly to compassion. In addition, while bin activators are the cheapest system for low discharge rates, they become less cost-effective for higher rates because they’re not as efficient at that point.

You should also remember that the bin activator will shake the attached equipment alongside the container itself. This can be a structural risk if your bin or hopper is not firmly constructed and kept in place.

It should be programmed with the downstream equipment in mind to get the most out of a bin activator. This might be a screw feeder, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, rotary airlock, etc. Proper calibration is essential. Before you order a bin activator, you must also decide whether you need on-off cycling or whether the vibration will be constant.

Get in touch with our helpful Engineers at the Wrights Dowson Group. We can help you decide on the specifications of your bin activators, keeping your exact production needs in mind. Our bespoke solutions aim to streamline your handling process efficiently. Call for technical advice, ask questions, or get a quote.