What Is A Screw Conveyor?

Well, first off, let’s begin with the basics. A screw conveyor is a piece of machinery used in product processing to transport materials from point A to point B.

It consists of a container with a screw part within. The product is filtered into the container and then propelled along it steadily.

There are several different screw conveyors, each suited to a different set of needs. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on U-Trough Screw Conveyors and what they can be used for.

Let’s crack on!

What Makes A U-Trough Screw Conveyor Different?

The features of a basic Screw Conveyor and a U-Trough Screw Conveyor differ. However, it is essential if you are looking to make the correct choice for your business.

A U-Trough Screw Conveyor has the following features which make it stand out:


  • They generally have a larger diameter than a typical screw conveyor. The screw ranges between 150mm and 400mm in diameter.
  • There is the option to work in either Metric & Imperial size measurements.
  • Mild Steel is used in the construction as the standard.
  • The product supply is stable and regular because the manufactured parts are all British.
  • It still has a flexible range of inlets and outputs to tweak according to your manufacturing needs.
  • Its construction is more heavy-duty than other screw converters to allow more industrial use.

What Uses Does a U-Trough Screw Conveyor Have?

A U-Trough Screw Conveyor has particular uses, predominantly in the farming industry.

Due to their design, U-Trough Screw Conveyors are brilliant when looking to siphon off any by-products of slaughtering livestock for meat production. This is because of their open-top; large product chunks are less likely to obstruct the passage.

This means fewer stops in production and less risk of revenue loss. It also means less product is wasted as these offcuts can be used for other things. This will boost business and improve environmental awareness.

The other uses for these types of conveyors are:

  • Pet Food
  • Plastics
  • Soap
  • Washing Detergent
  • Animal Feed
  • Wood Processing
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental Tech
  • Cement
  • Lime and Gypsum
  • Mining

What’s Next?

If your interest has been piqued in U-Trough Screw Conveyors, please contact the Wrights Dowson Group. You can reach us via email or online. We look forward to hearing from you.