Screw Conveyor

The Wrights Downson Group is one of the leading Screw Conveyor Manufacturers in the UK. Their screen conveyors have been successfully implemented across various industries, including chemicals, food, drink, feed and grain, paper, and many others.

A Screw Conveyor, also known as an auger conveyor, is a mechanism used in bulk handling. It can transport fluids and grain through a shaft using a rotating helical screw. They are set up horizontally or at a slight incline and transport semi-solid materials.

Typical uses include the transportation of:

  • Food waste
  • Wood chips
  • Cereal grains
  • Animal feed
  • Meat and bone meal
  • Municipal solid waste
  • …and more.

How a Screw Conveyor Works

Screw Conveyors have a trough or tube that contains a screw-like spiral blade coiling around a shaft. The screw shaft rotates and thereby transports semi-solid materials in the direction of the turning.

The volume transferred per minute depends on the rotation rate of the shaft. By varying the rotation rate of the shaft, manufacturers can deliver measured rates or quantities of material.

Screw Conveyors can be used at a slight incline. However, the larger the angle, the more material risks falling back between the blades. The capacity of a screw conveyor decreases at too high a grade. It can generally effectively handle a 45-degree incline or less, making it a flexible mechanism for various processes.

Types of Screw Conveyors

Other types of screw conveyors include:

Tubular Screw Conveyors:

Tubular Screw Conveyors are fully enclosed conveyors used to transport chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. They can come with large diameters and some degree of inclination, as well as heavy-duty construction.

Vertical Screw Conveyors:

Vertical screw conveyors are part of an integrated bulk handling system for similar industries to other screw conveyors. The big difference is that they can transport materials vertically to move them between floors or up and down buildings for construction. They can achieve a lift of up to 5 meters and are completely enclosed for a dust-free environment

Specifications of Screw Conveyors

Wright Downson’s Screw Conveyors are designed using CAD and 3D modelling facilities. This way, we can create products that fit exact specifications. They can be flexibility designed to suit your application needs.

Screw Conveyors can come with large diameters. They can be fashioned from alternative materials, including Stainless Steel.

Benefits of Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors are a relatively low-cost tool to include in hundreds of industries. They can also be designed with specific requirements in mind to deliver various features and applications.

The key advantages of screw conveyors are as follows:

  • Flexibility. Screw Conveyors can have multiple inlets and discharge points. They can convey bulk materials at various locations and speeds, allowing for measured output where required. Slide gates or valves can add further control to the flow in and out of screw conveyors.
  • Low space requirements. Screw conveyors can be designed to be compact and fit seamlessly into your manufacturing environment.
  • It’s suited for Bulk Handling. Screw Conveyors can handle a great variety of bulk materials, including semi-solid flowing and sluggish materials that are otherwise difficult to transport. It can optimise bulk operations easily and improve workflows considerably.
  • You can use screw conveyors to mix various products. It can also be used as a lumper on some products.
  • Screw conveyors can be used to cool or heat material. They may be jacketed or equipped with a hollow-flight design to provide the necessary heat or cooling transfer.
  • Screw conveyors are relatively low-maintenance. They can be designed for easy cleaning, with quickly removable covers, drop-bottom casings, and even internal spray systems. As such, they are easy to maintain.
  • Screw conveyors are entirely enclosed so that you can minimise the risk of spillage, wastage, and contamination.

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The Wrights Dowson Group has established a reputation for quality design and speed of delivery. We fashion bespoke screw conveyors, vertical conveyors, centreless conveyors, and more to suit your operations. Using advanced IT solutions, we can match the product’s specifications to fit your applications.

If you’re looking to learn more about screw conveyor products, get in touch with us at Wrights Dowson Group for a quotation, technical support, and advice.