powder sampler

Any manufacturing site that conducts quality assurance processes uses powder sampling. This is especially so in the case of food plants and other types of industries where fine and large powder samples are part of the manufacturing process. Powder samples are typically checked to ensure conformity or for any defects and bacterial contamination.

When manufacturing sites use sampling to test their products, it’s essential that the sample is taken in a reliable, repeatable and representative method to ensure that any non-compliance is down to the manufacturing process, and not the way that the sample was collected.

There are a number of powder sampler products available from the Wrights Dowson Group to choose from:

Types of Powder Sampler
Type PS powder sampler:

For collecting accurate material samples including large granules, pellets, heavy viscosity liquids and tiny granule powders. The powder sampler collects samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems. It can mount in horizontal or vertical lines. Constructed from stainless steel, teflon and aluminium, typical samples are Flour, Corn Starch, Potash, talcum Powder and Cement.

GRA/GRE powder sampler:

Also used to sample powders, pellets and granules, this sampler is fully automated and suitable to be used in vertical or sloped gravity chutes. The sampler is integrated into the chute to ensure accuracy of sampling and no contamination. This model can also be used on manual settings.

Belt-End HD-PRT Industrial powder sampler:

This product can collect product samples such as fine powders as well as large particles and abrasive products. They are simple to operate and use minimum headroom. They can be mounted in chutes, belt ends or head chutes. After the sampler is activated, a slotted sample tube takes representative and repeated samples.

Mid-Belt powder sampler:

This design enables the collection of samples from a moving conveyor belt and preset times. It is designed to sample heavy materials such as aggregates, coal, limestone, ores, wood chips and minerals, as well as fine materials. It is designed with a direct motor drive with less auxiliary equipment needed and no belts or chains. This type of sampler has a low maintenance, easy installation and low cost design.

HD-PP Industrial Sampler:

Used to sample free-flowing materials such as microscopic powders, the HD-PP powder sampler can also sample large pellets, granules and liquids with heavy viscosity. It is typically used to collect accurate samples from pneumatic or gravity converting systems and can be mounted in horizontal or vertical lines or chutes. Standard construction is from stainless steel, teflon and aluminium, although alternative materials are available.

PT Sampler:

Designed to collect samples when mounted on horizontal, vertical, negative or positive pneumatic conveying systems or gravity chutes. This type of sampler can be used both automatically and manually. It collects granule and pellet sized powder samples.