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The Wrights Dowson group has established a reputation for fast delivery and high quality in the UK. They manufacture and deliver sampler systems (SCS), including Carousels and Powder Sampler Systems.

Powder Sampling is a vital part of quality assurance processes in food and chemical plants. Samples that are taken are checked for conformity and quality and any defects such as composition and bacteriological contamination.

A Sampler System enables the separation of samples that can be collected automatically at or near the sampling point until enough quantity has been collected. This mechanism streamlines an otherwise manual process with more accuracy. Sampler systems come with a controller for over-ride features that allow for manual operation as and when desired.

How does a Powder Sampler work?

Automatic Samplers can be used to sample powder, liquid, cream, and other granular materials. These tools are available in various sizes and volumes. They can manually draw material up into a tubular metal container, where it can be transported to testing facilities without contamination or leakage.

This process requires an operator to sample material at regular intervals.

Our Sample collection systems go one step further with a Powder Sampler Carousel. The automatic powder sampler deposits a preset number of samples at selected intervals into a sample jar—for example, one every hour or every shift.

When the preset number of samples has been taken, the sampler system indexes forward and moves the full har with the sample into a waiting collection position. A new sample jar is placed, ready for the following sample to be taken to create a cohesive series.

The operator only needs to cap the jars and take or convey them directly to the laboratory for quality control and analysis.

Specifications of Powder Samplers

Our powder samplers are available in several standard configurations. The sampling system is designed bespoke to the site requirements and customer specifications.

This can include hinged Plexiglas doors and a security lock where needed.

The jars samples will be deposited in are available in HDPE and stainless steel and an array of sizes. It’s also possible to use sample collection bags instead.

Powder Sampler Collection Systems can be used with all standard inter systems sampling systems.

Advantages of Automatic Sampler Systems

Sampler systems can streamline the quality control process and optimise your workflow. Our systems come with site-specific designs to suit your needs and can be installed to fit your required time schedules.

The main advantages of our automatic samplers are as follows:

  • No room for human error. Our sampler systems automatically sample material at expressly set intervals. There is no chance for forgetfulness. A manual operator may be behind schedule and fail to collect a sample at the right time. Our sampler systems instead ensure regular and consistent sampling.
  • Flexibility. Sampler systems can be coded to suit your specifications and take samples at the required intervals. There is also great flexibility around storing samples. Several sizes and materials are available for sampler jars, and you can also use bags to transport material.
  • Integrate into the Workflow. Automatic samplers can be integrated into your site workflow with conveyance systems that transport each sample jar to quality control.
  • No Contamination. Once deposited in the sampler jars and capped, the powder or liquid is safely stored for transport and won’t suffer further contamination. This way, spillage and wastage are also reduced.
  • Manual Override available. You can at any point direct the machine to cease operations and instead take manual samples as and when required. This gives you the flexibility to step in if you think an error has occurred.

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The Wrights Dowson Group consistently innovates on manufacturing processes. We provide bespoke mechanisms to suit your site requirements. We are experts at creating sampler systems and tools for food and chemical produce. Using CAD and 3D modelling technology, we create bespoke designs to your specifications.

Over our many years of experience, we have built a reputation for the speedy delivery and high-quality production. Today, get in touch with us at the Wrights Dowson Group to learn more about Powder Samplers and Sampler systems. We can provide you with technical advice, Consultations, and a no-obligation quotation.