The Wrights Dowson Group is the leading screw conveyor manufacturer in the UK. They lead the industry with a reputation of quality and delivery speed for the supply and manufacture of screw conveyors and associated equipment.

Known as screw conveyor manufacturers for tubular and “U” through screw conveyors, Wrights Dowson now also offers vertical screw conveyors within their extensive portfolio.

Our high-quality production and fast delivery also enjoy bespoke design services for non-standard applications. We utilise the latest CAD and 3D modelling innovations to provide highly tailored designs for any industry. As a result, our screw conveyors have found applications in many industries, including food, drink, animal feed and grain, waste, biomass and recycling, and many more!

What are Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors are bulk handling systems used in hundreds of different industries today. They are low-cost with low maintenance and can speed up and automate transportation in your industrial plant.

Screw conveyors are tubular equipment with fully enclosed screw shafts that transport a wide variety of materials. They can deliver a product with a sluggish or semi-liquid consistency and irregularly shaped materials with larger particles.

Examples of what you can use screw conveyors on include:

  • Grains or feed
  • Cement
  • Coal
  • Sawdust and dirt
  • Hops
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Waste
  • Recycling

There are different types of screw conveyors for any application.

Common Types of Equipment Offered by Screw Conveyor Manufacturers

Screw Conveyor Manufacturers offer different types of screw conveyor, including:

  • Vertical Screw Conveyors. These can move product at a steep incline or even vertically. Vertical Screw Conveyors are compact and can fit into any industrial plant layout.
  • U Trough Conveyors. These are simply designed screw conveyors with the most common type of trough for screw feeders. Their design is simple and economical and provides access for maintenance.
  • Tubular Screw Conveyors. These screw conveyors are encased in a closed tube to ensure no leakage or spillage of the product. They are ideal for a product sensitive to contamination or a product that might pose a health risk if exposed to employees.

Advantages of Screw Conveyors

There many advantages to relying on quality screw conveyor manufacturers for your screw conveyor needs. This equipment can speed up your processes and ensure a safer, more efficient work environment. The key benefits of screw conveyors include:

  • Flexibility. Screw Conveyors can come with multiple inlets and discharge locations so you can dispatch the product where it needs to be. They can also transport a wide range of materials.
  • Screw Conveyors can serve to mix materials or de-lump them as they convey them to another location.
  • Screw conveyors can be easily maintained with easy-clean features. These include drop-bottom casings, internal spray systems and quickly removable covers.
  • Screw conveyors can be built without a centre pipe to transport wet or sticky product or products with larger irregular shapes.
  • Screw conveyors can act as an airlock in the process stream
  • Screw conveyors can be fully enclosed, ensuring no product is spilt or contaminated
  • They are adaptable and can be used horizontally, at an incline, or even vertically with the right equipment
  • Space conveyors have low space requirements. They can easily be constructed around your existing operations and maximise the effectiveness of your layout
  • Screw conveyors are great for bulk handling material. They can also meter product by taking measured amounts from a hopper or bin into the process stream.

The Right Screw Conveyor Manufacturers for Your Plant

Wrights Dowson’s Screw Conveyor Manufacturers can find the right conveyance solution for your operation. Using innovative 3D and CAD technology, we create bespoke designs to maximise your plant’s space and efficiency. Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure your application’s needs are met.

To complete a bespoke project, we just need to know some details, such as:

  • How many inlets and discharge points will be needed
  • What extra features your screw conveyor requires (accessible cleaning features, heating or cooling)
  • The distance to be covered
  • The average desired discharge rate
  • The size of tube required

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The Wrights Dowson Group has an established reputation as the leading Screw conveyor manufacturers in the UK. Besides screw conveyors, we also offer bespoke engineering to suit clients’ applications for rotary shaft seals, bin activators, hoppers, and more.

If you want to find out more about our screw conveyor manufacture, get in touch with us at the Wrights Dowson Group for advice, technical support, and quotation.