Vertical Screw Conveyors

The Wrights Dowson Group has a long-established reputation for manufacturing screw conveyors for various industries, including the food, chemical, water, and mineral sectors. They have now added vertical screw conveyors to their extensive portfolio of manufacturing equipment.

A vertical screw conveyor is a bespoke custom-designed piece of equipment designed to enable the elevation of bulk materials either vertically or on a steep incline. The Wrights Dowson group can develop and manufacture a vertical screw conveyor either as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as part of an integrated plant system. A vertical screw conveyor can also be designed in conjunction with bulk solids handling equipment.

Characteristics of a Vertical Screw Conveyor

A vertical screw conveyor has the following characteristics:

The vertical screw conveyor can be designed and manufactured in a variety of materials, including stainless steel. It has a compact design, meaning it can be easily fitted into tight spaces.

It is custom built to suit the client’s particular application.

The vertical screw conveyor is an all-British design and manufacture, which means no supply issues.

The vertical screw conveyor can be a space-saving, cost-effective solution when moving liquids and solids.

The vertical screw conveyor is a low maintenance option for industries needing to transport bulk materials, especially from tight spaces.

Applications of Vertical Screw Conveyors

A vertical screw conveyor is useful for many industries that move products through other types of screw conveyors. The difference and advantage here are that the vertical screw conveyor can transport products at a steeper angle, and it has less of a footprint because it takes up less overall floor space.

Industries that might use a vertical screw conveyor include the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, wood, mining, plastics, and cement industries.

A vertical screw conveyor can elevate products in large volumes. It is typically used to move semi-fluid and dry materials, including powder, lump materials, and granules.

A vertical screw conveyor comprises a screw shaft connected to a motorised driving device, a screw flight, and a tubular casing.

All vertical screw conveyors are designed and built to suit the clients’ particular application.

Why Choose us?

Aside from our long-established reputation as screw conveyor manufacturers, the Wrights Dowson Group also provides a comprehensive stock of parts, segments, bearings, and spares for all types of screw conveyors.

The Wrights Dowson Group uses the latest innovations in CAD and 3D modelling to offer a full design service for bespoke and non-standard bespoke applications.

We also manufacture a wide range of other types of screw conveyor products. If you’re looking to find out more about vertical screw conveyors and different kinds of products from the Wrights Dowson Group, get in touch with us for a quotation, advice, and support.