Cheese is one of the most widely consumed dairy products, with consistent demand worldwide. In 2019, its global market value stood at roughly 72 billion US dollars, and by 2026, we can expect this number to grow to 106 billion.

There are a wide variety of popular cheese products. Soft, liquid, cream and hard cheeses are profitable products.

If you’re in the cheese-making business, you know how equipment failure could impact your profits.

Product contamination or downtime can cause soft cheeses like mozzarella or ricotta to fail.

Avoid cuts into your bottom line because your equipment let you down. Consider the proper rotary shaft seal for your operation.

Utilising CinchSeals can improve your cheese processing. In this article, we’ll discuss how.

The Most Common Challenges – And their Answers

Most cheese processing challenges arise when equipment fails. This often leads to:

  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Gearbox failures
  • The need for shaft repairs
  • Compromised plant sanitation
  • Product contamination

These challenges are prevalent with older equipment, such as mechanical packing and lip seals. That’s because this equipment would wear quicker and the chance product being exposed to the air. Cinchseal counters these issues with their rotary shaft seals. These are designed to seamlessly adapt to the rotation of the shaft and keep and maintain an airtight, sanitary environment.

Their equipment to combat these common issues includes:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Cheese Cookers
  • Mixers
  • Blenders
  • Rotary Air Locks
  • Augers

Using the right equipment can save your product, and therefore preserve time and money.

How CinchSeal products improve Cheese Processing

Safety Certified Products with Contamination Prevention

CinchSeal cheese processing equipment is ideal for improving your process. All of their tools and equipment are safety certified with proven contamination prevention.

CinchSeal consults with the U.S department of agriculture on their designs for food processing operations. Their products are also USDA-certified, which includes certification for dairy.

Here is how CinchSeal ensures contamination prevention:

  • CinchSeal prevents contamination with leek preventing, FDA-approved silicone elastomer.
  • Instead of stationary seals, this elastomer spins with the shaft and stops it from getting damaged. This reduces the risk of breakages, maintenance and contamination.
  • Rotor cups seal potential pathways for leaks. They are compressed against stationary faces with the optimum load.
  • CinchSeal products benefit from air purging that performs vital anti-contamination functions. They reduce heat caused by friction. They also push rotating faces outward against the stationary faces for a tight seal and create a high-pressure seal chamber. In this chamber, a natural air barrier persists in keeping the product out of the seal.

Innovative Design

CinchSeal has innovated on older shaft seal designs like lip seals. They’ve created safer and more effective seals for cheese and other food processing. On top of elastomers and air purging, a range of features results in better efficiency and a more enduring design.

  • CinchSeal seals provide a larger interface between the shaft and seal than possible with lip seals. This significantly lowers the chance of any contamination.
  • Boot-mounted rotor cups allow the assembly to float with the shaft. This accommodates a ¼” misalignment, which often occurs in bulk handling equipment. This flexibility also reduces the risk of damages to the shaft and keep replacement costs down.
  • Seals can operate dry. They come with a self-cleaning and self-lubricating design.
  • CinchSeal splits internal parts to facilitate repairs and cleaning without the need to unbolt the housing. This makes maintenance faster and less intrusive.
  • CinchSeal products come with repair kits. These can replace specific parts of the equipment, like the elastomers, rotor cups or stator plates. The durable housing remains in place, making repairs more cost-effective.

Utilise CinchSeal to Improve Cheese Processing

Use products with world-class innovative design. Make your cheese processing more efficient and cost-effective. With CinchSeal, you’ll be able to avoid product loss and reduce maintenance time and costs. Your processes will be able to withstand challenging environments without the risk of contamination. Avoid damage to your product or risking the health and safety of your employees.

With easy repair kits and maintenance features, you can maintain your CinchSeal equipment for years to come. You’ll no longer need to shut down production for longer than necessary.

Shop for CinchSeal rotary shaft seals with us today, or browse our catalogue of food processing equipment.