The type HD-PP industrial sampler is used for free-flowing materials ranging from microscopic powders to large granules & pellets and heavy viscosity liquids with acid suspensions. It is suitable for the collection of accurate samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems (positive or negative, dense or dilute phase) and can be mounted in vertical or horizontal lines, spouts or chutes.type hd pp

With the activation of the HD-PP sampler a sampling tube extends into the product stream and collects a sample the tube then fully retracts out of the product stream and seals the line. A close tolerance auger then discharges the sample to the collection point and also provides excellent product clean out. The standard construction of the InterSystems HD-PP Industrial Sampler comprises:

  • Aluminium seal housing.
  • Stainless Steel sample tube.
  • Stainless Steel machined and polished auger.
  • Teflon seals.
  • Alternative materials of construction are available.

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