The Cross Cut type of industrial samplers is acknowledged as the most truly representative method of automatic sampling for free-flowing segregated materials, including granules, powders and pellets.Type GRA/GRE

The InterSystems models GRA/GRE cross cut sampler incorporates several enhanced design features included in a proven robust design to ensure reliability and on-going performance over the life of the sampler. Suitable for use in sloped or vertical gravity chutes the GRA/GRE samplers are integrated into the chute itself allowing accurate samples to be collected. Both round and square flanges can be provided to match customer’s chutes.
Model and specification variations are as follows:

  • Standard construction for all models is heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Abrasion resistant linings can be fitted as required.
  • Model GRA incorporates a pneumatically controlled sample cutter.
  • Model GRA includes as standard, adjustable cutter speed controls.
  • Model GRE sample cutter is motorised, whilst the adjustable cutter speed control is optional.
  • Alternative materials of construction are available as required.

InterSystems control packages are available to suit any sampling control application. The standard units allow manual and automatic sampling operations.

These units can handle a wide variety of voltages and frequencies and can be constructed for most environments.

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