The Wrights Dowson group has an excellent and long-standing reputation for designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality screw conveyors. We emphasis bespoke specifications and designs to maximize output and minimize space and cost requirements.

Tubular screw conveyors are especially effective in that regard and suit a wide range of industrial applications. They find use in industries such as:

  • Animal feed
  • Biomass and waste
  • Heavy-duty grain storage
  • Recycling

…and much more. This article will discuss what makes tubular screw conveyors valuable and which industries get the most use.

What is a Tubular Screw Conveyor?

A tubular screw conveyor is a type of screw conveyor that is fully enclosed in a tube. Within that tube, a screw turns and thereby moves products up to 30m into one direction. This is an integral part of the bulk handling process and assures that even difficult-to-manage products can easily be transported.

As the product’s enclosed, these screw conveyors are used for a free-flowing or powdery product that might otherwise be pushed out of the conveyor. They are also vital for any product that must be sealed and protected from contamination.

The Advantages of Tubular Screw Conveyors

Tubular Screw Conveyors come with a completely enclosed design and space-saving dimensions that make them suitable for a wide variety of industry applications.

What makes them so unique are the following advantages:

  • Tubular Screw Conveyors are closed off, which means conveying dry or semi-fluid bulk materials and reducing the risk of hazardous contamination. They can avoid dust, spillage, and subsequent waste, keeping employees safe and ensuring no product is lost or damaged.
  • Tubular screw conveyors work well in compact environments, making them well suited to smaller manufacturers. They can also be installed at an angle to suit various applications. They can be angled up to 90 degrees.
  • They can be manufactured from food-grade stainless steel or abrasion-resistant material to serve the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Tubular screw conveyors are easy to install in-house and require minimal cleaning and maintenance. Especially devices constructed from high-quality stainless steel will last the ages without much attention or hassle.
  • The conveyors can be flexibly designed to include multiple inlets and outlets. They can also run at variable speeds depending on specifications.

Top 5 Industrial Uses of Tubular Screw Conveyors

Here are some industries in which tubular screw conveyors are indispensable!

1.     Heavy-Duty Applications

Tubular screw conveyors can withstand heavy-duty applications where small parts might wear down the material. As a result, they find plenty of use in mineral processing, glass processing, cement mills, gypsum and lime production. Tubular Screw Conveyors are also often used in the mining industries, where their enclosed inclined conveyance is a great advantage.

2.     Flour and Animal Feed Milling

Tubular screw conveyors are often used to move animal feed from a silo down into the milling process. Because grain and animal feed consists of free-flowing, small particles, the enclosure of the tube ensures that no product escapes or gets lost.

Thanks to the fact that Tubular screw conveyors can be angled up to 90 degrees, they can also bridge the gap between silos and site work. Combined with a feeder, tubular screw conveyors can dispense a uniform load of feed-in controlled intervals.

3.     Food Processing

Food processing requires screw conveyors that won’t allow contamination. Tubular screw conveyors are entirely enclosed and sealed with dust-tight seals so that no moisture or air can contaminate the food. They can also be constructed from food-grade stainless steel.

4.     Plastics and Chemicals

Industries that work with abrasive and toxic chemicals benefit from tubular screw conveyors. The conveyor can be sealed to ensure no toxic fumes can escape. This is not only vital for protecting the product but also for keeping on-site staff safe from illness.

5.     Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical productions often work with powders that must avoid contact with moisture, as this might otherwise clot the product together and affect its quality. Moisture-tight seals on tubular screw conveyors fulfil this purpose.

Could a Tubular Screw Conveyor Find Use in Your Workflow?

A tubular screw conveyor designed with your application needs in mind is a great way to streamline your production process. At the Wrights Dowson Group, our engineers are happy to advise you to design a screw conveyor that works to your specifications. We can consider all special requirements to fashion a device that moves your product at the highest efficiency.

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