The Wrights Dowson Group has a long-established reputation for the fast delivery of high-quality screw conveyors. This includes bespoke and standard designing and manufacturing of U Trough screw conveyors used in multiple industries.

These are mainly used to handle chemicals and food, especially in the animal feed industry. However, they are widely operated when handling bulk solids such as powders, sand, seeds, grain, ash, pellets, flakes, and granules.

The u-trough screw conveyor design has several benefits, although there are some limitations too.

The Wrights Dowson Group currently designs and manufactures two types of u-trough screw conveyors for its clients:

  • Custom designed u-trough screw conveyor
  • Standard u-trough screw conveyor

While this type of screw conveyor conveys different kinds of bulk solids, they are often used to convey grain. This is because they operate at a slower speed than tube screw conveyors. Their design is generally thought to cause less grain damage than another commonly used screw conveyor, the tube screw conveyor.

The Benefits and Limitations of the Custom U-Trough Screw Conveyor

The advantage of this type of conveyor is that it can be used in plants where space is at a minimum but where throughputs are maximised.

They are made from Stainless Steel, but alternative materials are available at our clients’ request, such as painted or galvanised Mild Steel. This type of screw conveyor has specific flights, covers, inlets, outlets, mountings and bearings, and the Wrights Dowson Group can also provide these.

Because this type of design is typical of a heavier duty construction, it may be challenging to move. However, its design can be adapted to suit specific bespoke needs. Assembly is easy for this robust and simple modular design.
The Benefits and Limitations of the Standard U-Trough Screw Conveyor

While not a bespoke solution, the Wrights Dowson Group also provides a wide range of standard U-Trough screw conveyors.

They are available in both metric and Imperial sizes and made from Mild Steel construction as a standard. The other advantage is that their standard screw diameter is available in a choice of measurements. Our clients can choose sizes of 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 355mm or 400mm.

Another benefit is that it is easy to assemble this type of design, meaning no manufacturing time is wasted or employee hours lost. Replacing component parts is not difficult because of the standard design. Component parts are Jig built.
Shared Benefits and Limitation of U-Trough Conveyors

While the u-trough screw conveyor design is simple, cost-effective and provides fast access for maintenance, they can become inefficient.

They tend to be used in most horizontal screw conveyors and inclined applications up to approximately 20 degrees. The more the degree incline increases, the less effective the u-trough screw conveyor becomes because bulk materials being conveyed begin to fall back over the top of the screw flights in the open area of the u-trough.

Both types of U-trough screw conveyors are British manufactured, so there are no delivery or supply delays and are seen as an economical option for use in multiple industries.

This type of screw conveyor is specifically designed to perform in challenging conditions, and its solid and long-lasting construction means it is ideal for intensive usage.

Equally important is that both designs can offer manufacturers peace of mind because their design is hygienic and efficient, particularly when compared to conveyor belts. For example, U-trough screw conveyor surfaces can reduce micro-bacterial growth. In addition, they are easy to access, detach, clean and inspect.

However, most types of free-flowing materials, including grains and pellets, and materials with poor flow, can be conveyed using a u-trough screw conveyor.

The Wright Dowson Group engineers work with our clients to ensure the precise specifications are agreed to suit each application and fit the exact customer needs and the capacity needs of the manufacturing site.

The Wrights Dowson Group sets the benchmark for high-quality u-trough screw conveyors and other types of screw conveyors. It also continues to set the standard for sales support with a comprehensive stock of component parts, individual spares and an array of screw conveyor segments and bearings.