Screw Conveyor Casing A Segments Product PageWith over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of screw conveyor segments, screw conveyor blades and flights, Wrights Dowson Group is continually asked, can you do this?

Whether this be of a special design, an obscure specification or even a full flight screw with a 3m pitch at 1245mm diameter, whatever the enquiry, Wrights Dowson Group call on their experience to find a satisfactory solution.
Typically, the range of equipment supplied by Wrights Dowson encompasses the following:

  • Full pitch segments.
  • Half pitch segments.
  • Variable pitch segments.
  • Tapered segments.
  • Ribbon segments.
  • Paddle blades.
  • Continuous flighting.

With a manufacturing capability to roll screws in one piece up to 150 mm diameter, segments up to 1800mm diameter and 40mm x 6mm flat on end, as well as rolling screws up to 12mm thickness, which overcomes the problems of joining together individual segments, the list of applications is virtually endless.

Screw Conveyor WoPs Segment Product PageWrights Dowson Group screw conveyor segments and blades can be found in use across a broad spectrum of industries including, food, cement, coal, and sugar. Whilst an array of flighted products are used in material compressors, water & effluent pumps, mixers & measures and even in large size concrete mixers.

The benefits of custom designed flighting and segments is there in every day use:

  • Stainless Steel flights used in the food industry contribute to reducing contamination.
  • Reduced replacement costs.
  • High suitability for conveying abrasive materials.