The Wrights Dowson Group has a long-established reputation for designing and manufacturing screw conveyors in many sectors, including the meat sector.

Screw Conveyors: An Overview

Screw conveyors are used in the transportation of soft, dry and difficult to move goods in multiple industries, including the food, grain, wood, waste and meat industries.

Screw Conveyors are made of a tube or a trough. Inside this is a screw-like blade that coils around a shaft that rotates. This rotation transports semi-solid materials such as meat. The volume per minute of meat transported or transferred depends upon how fast the screw conveyor shaft rotates.
Screw Conveyors and the Meat Sector

Screw conveyors can be used in the easy transportation of different types of meat, including sold meat chunks, sausage meat, bones or offal. Thanks to the closed design, the meat is not exposed to any contamination from outside elements such as pollution, dust, dirt, etc. Not only that but no meat products are lost during the transportation process.

Advantages of Using Screw Conveyance in the Meat Sector

There are several positive reasons why a meat processing plant might choose to use screw conveyance as a method of transportation:


Employee productivity levels can increase because screw conveyors reduce the amount of manual work required. Instead of meat being transported using trays, conveyor belts and bins that are open to the elements, screw conveyors can quickly move the meat to the next stage of its processing.

Screw conveyors are designed for manufacturing situations where bulk handling is essential. Because their design allows for handling various bulk materials, including meat products that can be difficult to transport, a screw conveyor design can help you optimise your bulk operations and considerably improve workflows.

Greater Hygiene

The entire transportation process is more hygienic because manual cleaning of conveyor belts, bins and trays are no longer required when using a screw conveyance system. Any type of transportation method that has open parts showing is open to contamination. Screw conveyors are closed with fewer rotating parts.

A Versatile Design

The Wrights Dowson Group specialises in the manufacture of bespoke and versatile designs of screw conveyors. It recognises the importance of providing the meat industry with a versatile design that outperforms other transportation methods such as conveyor belts.

A screw conveyor has a compact design, but it can transport meat products vertically, whereas conveyor belts can only transport meat at certain angles. Otherwise, the product slips backwards along the belt.

Safety First

The Wrights Dowson Group is proud of its safety record and understands the importance of designing and manufacturing screw conveyors safe to use. Access to rotating parts is via hatches that are only opened via safety switches. If hatches are closed incorrectly, the conveyor will not start up again, and if a hatch is accidentally opened during transportation, the screw stops rotating.

Robust Design

A robustly designed screw conveyor is needed if it is to be used in the meat sector. This is because of the force exerted onto the screw and the hoppers the conveyor is fitted with.

The Wrights Dowson Group’s designs also consider the robust high-pressure cleaning methods needed in such an environment. The more vulnerable components such as safety switches, motors and hanger bearings for screw conveyors are protected by our robust design. The result is a strong, safe and user-friendly design that is low maintenance and reliable.
Low Space Usage

The added advantage is that screw conveyors are easy to store (unlike trays, bins and so on). The Wrights Dowson Group can design screw conveyors in a compact design to fit into your meat manufacturing and processing environment.

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The Wrights Dowson Group has established a reputation for quality design and speed of delivery. We fashion bespoke screw conveyors, vertical conveyors, centreless conveyors, and more to suit your operations. Using advanced IT solutions, we can match the product’s specifications to fit your applications.

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