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    Pneumatic Conveying

    Type HD-PP Industrial Sampler

    type hd pp

    The type HD-PP industrial sampler is used for free-flowing materials ranging from microscopic powders to large granules & pellets and heavy viscosity liquids with acid suspensions. It is suitable for the collection of accurate samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems (positive or negative, dense or dilute phase) and can be mounted in vertical or horizontal lines, spouts or chutes.


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    Type PT Sampler

    Type PT

    The type PT industrial sampler is primarily used for granules and pellets and is designed to collect accurate samples when mounted on positive or negative, vertical or horizontal pneumatic conveying systems or, gravity chutes.


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    Type PS Powder Sampler

    type ps

    The type PS Powder Sampler is for material ranging from microscopic powders to large granules and pellets, or heavy viscosity liquids with solid suspensions.


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