The Wright Dowson Group designs and manufactures screw conveyors for various industries that, in particular, handle dry bulk goods. These industries include:

  • Grain
  • Animal feed
  • Food
  • Biomass
  • Paper
  • Industrial waste

…And many others.

Screw conveyors are widely known to be one of the most reputable, reliable, and cost-effective means of handling bulk materials. The screw conveyor allows materials to be transported safely and either horizontally, vertically or at an incline.

The Wright Dowson Group works closely with its clients to deliver bespoke screw conveyors that can best transfer even the most difficult of bulk materials.

The Best Screw Conveyor For Your Business

It does not necessarily have to be a challenge when selecting the best type of screw conveyor for your industry.

One of the most critical parts of ensuring you choose the suitable model is to work closely with your chosen design and manufacturing provider. This is to ensure you receive the correct technical and operational advice throughout the design process and for future operational purposes.

It is also essential to ensure that your chosen manufacturer uses suitable materials and parts for your needs. Here are a few examples that illustrate this:

First, suppose you intend to handle bulk materials that can become fluidised and flow more like liquid when they come into contact with air or are mechanically agitated. In that case, you may need a large diameter screw conveyor.

This is because these materials (cement, barite, powder) can flow in an unrestrained manner through a screw conveyor. That’s why it’s essential to choose a screw conveyor that has a large diameter screw with a short pitch. It is this combination of elements that will slow down the flow of material moving through the conveyor.
In addition, if you operate this type of screw conveyor at a slower speed, you are minimising any risk of flooding.

If the material you’re handling will discharge to a downstream weighing device, it’s wise to ensure you have a double-flight short pitch screw included in your design. This will further slow down the material’s flow and reduce surging, thereby promoting a more even material discharge to the intended weighing device.

Second, if you need a screw conveyor to handle toxic or explosive materials such as asbestos, caustic soda, and lead oxide, you will need a design with a dust and odour/vapour tight housing. The shaft seals, for example, must be very tight to protect against any gas or other materials escaping during handling or transportation.

A dust control system can be built into this type of screw conveyor. This will capture and remove any toxic materials and odours. Examples of potential risks when fumes or dust escape include explosive dust that can lead to fires or explosions, causing injury to people and equipment.

Explosive dust can be found, for example, in seeds, grains, flour, coal and tobacco. In situations like this, you will need a screw conveyor design that is dust and vapours contact tight and can withstand explosion pressure. In addition, in potentially corrosive environments such as this, the design needs to ensure that the screw conveyor and accompanying trough are made from metals that are dissimilar to each other and do not create sparks.

Thirdly, it’s important you partner with a supplier that best understands your needs. When discussing your needs, look for levels of experience, expertise and understanding of your industry’s needs. You should also expect to be asked detailed questions about:

  • How you will use your screw conveyor
  • What you will be conveying
  • How often you will use your screw conveyor
  • Your expected conveying rate
  • Operating conditions at your plant

…And more.

Your chosen supplier will also run screw conveyor tests with materials you intend to bulk handle to ensure that their design fits the purpose.

Why The Wrights Dowson Group?

The Wrights Dowson Group has a well-established reputation as a UK based screw conveyor designer and manufacturer. It also assures fast delivery and supplies different screw conveyor segments, bearings, parts and spares.

Screw conveyors are bespoke designed using the latest technology and CAD and 3D modelling. To find out more about screw conveyors and other types of products, get in touch with us for a quotation, advice, and support.