Bulk handling equipment is standard in most industries, including food production, construction, chemicals, waste, and more. However, no machine is quite as versatile as the screw conveyor. Used to convey even complex products across a plant, either horizontally, at an angle or even vertically, screw conveyors save a great deal of time and labour.

In industries with high hygiene standards like foods and cosmetics, the trough of the conveyor can be completely enclosed to ensure no product leaks. But contamination can only be avoided by using effective rotary shaft seals. This is where CinchSeal comes in.

Let’s look at how CinchSeal’s rotary shaft seals make screw conveyors more efficient.

What’s a Screw Conveyor?

A screw conveyor is a conveyance system using a screw to propel a product forward along a shaft or without a shaft. The invention dates back to Archimedes and has found applications in all major industries. Screw conveyors can convey even sticky, semi-liquid or uneven products. They can be safe for abrasive and even toxic materials.

The importance of Shaft Seals

In a food processing or chemical plant, it would be catastrophic if the product regularly leaked due to the moving of the rotary shaft in its trough. Product leaks can risk staff on-site if the material is toxic or flammable. But leaks can also contaminate the product, wasting a great deal of revenue or breaking down parts of the conveyor to require an eventual replacement.

To avoid high maintenance costs, product recalls, and even potential lawsuits, rotary shaft seals seal the shaft against all contamination.

CinchSeal and Screw Conveyors

CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals are the perfect match for Screw Conveyors. They:

  • Come with a large sealing surface that ensures longer-lasting protection from leaks and contamination.
  • They’re hard-wearing. By moving with the rotating shaft, wear and tear on both the shaft and the seal can be avoided, and the CinchSeal won’t have to be replaced as soon as other types of shaft seals.
  • CinchSeal can operate even under harsh conditions.
  • CinchSeal seals can quickly be installed and taken apart, allowing easy maintenance.
  • Therefore, they are food-grade certified and can be used in the food processing industry.

The Wrights Dowson Group is a leading supplier of screw conveyors in the UK. Aside from Bulk handling equipment, we also help our customers find the rotary shaft seals that best suit their application. Get in touch with us today to ask one of our Engineers about CinchSeal.