Many industries need to handle and move bulk products safely, quickly, and without contamination. One way of doing this is to adopt the usage of screw conveyors.

These are tubular systems with fully enclosed screw shafts that handle and transport bulk products. They are low maintenance, low-cost and can automate and increase the speed at which your products are transported in your industrial plant.

The Wright Dowson Group has a long-established reputation in the UK as the leading screw conveyor and associated screw conveyor equipment manufacturer in the UK. We have an extensive portfolio of types of screw conveyors used to transport bulky items such as:

  • Cement
  • Coal
  • Dirt
  • Flour
  • Grains
  • Feed
  • Hops
  • Recycling
  • Sawdust
  • Sugar
  • Waste

A common question that comes up from our clients is how they can control mass flows when using screw conveyors in their plants:
Accurate Real-Time Monitoring

The Wright Dowson Group’s bespoke design service includes manufacturing screw conveyors that can give its clients accurate real-time monitoring of the amount of product a screw conveyor is transporting.

Our customers can work with our experienced engineers during the design phase. That way, the screw conveyor is built with the capacity for customers to decide how much of the product it needs to transport per minute, for example, how many grams of flour/grain per minute, etc.

The screw conveyor can then modify its speed to accommodate this. It is also possible for our customers to program or set their screw conveyor to stop operating when it contains a certain set weight of products it is transporting. The screw conveyor can also be set to empty itself first and then stop.

The purpose of this feature is to allow Wright Dowson Group customers to be in control of their bulk transportation throughout their manufacturing process.

Measuring and Speed
Our UK-designed and manufactured screw conveyors are made in close consultation with the companies we work with. This means that the Wright Dowson Group designs its screw conveyors with the end client in mind.

One important aspect of transporting bulk materials is ensuring that the user can see how fast the material is moving and the weight/number of kgs that have been transported so far. In addition, our screw conveyors can control the flow regulation from as little as zero to 100%. This is established by determining the mass of the screw and its contents with strain gauge recorders.

Associated Equipment to Control Mass Flows in Screw Conveyors

The Wright Dowson Group also manufactures associated equipment used in tandem with screw conveyors to control mass flows. In particular, we produce radiometric belt scales that can help to accurately measure flow rates on different types of screw conveying systems, including:

Tubular Screw Conveyors are enclosed in a closed tube to prevent health risks caused by spills, leaks, and potential contamination.

U Trough Conveyors, which are simply designed and economical screw conveyors offering easy access for maintenance

Vertical Screw Conveyors are compact, easy to fit into any industrial plant layout, and can move products vertically or at a steep incline.

The radiometric belt scales are installed with a scintillation detector placed below the screw conveyor. A shielded source is mounted above the screw conveyor system.

The Screw Conveyor to Control Mass Flow at Your Plant
The Wright Dowson Group can find the right and accurate screw conveying solution for your operation so that you can control mass flow accurately and speedily.

We use innovative CAD and 3D technology to create bespoke solutions so you can maximise efficiency and space at your manufacturing plant. Our engineers work closely with you to ensure all your manufacturing needs are met.

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The Wrights Dowson Group has an established reputation as the leading Screw conveyor manufacturers in the UK. Besides screw conveyors, we also offer bespoke engineering to suit clients’ applications for rotary shaft seals, bin activators, hoppers, and more.

If you want to find out more about our screw conveyor manufacturer, contact us at the Wrights Dowson Group for advice, technical support, and quotation.