Centreless Screw Conveyor

The Wrights Dowson Group builds on its long-established reputation for quality product manufacture and fast supply of centreless screw conveyors. The Wrights Dowson Group manufactures custom-designed centreless screw conveyors for various industries where handling complex material is standard.

Centreless screw conveyors are used in many different types of processing plants. For example, in plants handling materials in wastewater treatment plants, sewage, industrial waste, biomass, paper and pulp.

A centreless screw conveyor will be used as part of an integrated bulk handling system in various industrial environments. Sometimes this type of conveyor is also referred to as a Shaftless Screw Conveyor.

How The Centreless Screw Conveyor Operates

This type of conveyor is used to move difficult to convey materials via a shaftless screw or shaftless spiral running in a wear-resistant U-Trough. There are no end or intermediate bearings. This means conveying is obstacle-free.

A Wrights Dowson centreless screw conveyor can have a vertical, inclined or horizontal specification, according to industry needs. Conveying can be provided to short and long distances, and single troughs can be up to 50m long.

Centreless Screw Conveyor: Its Characteristics and Benefits

The centreless screw conveyor has the following characteristics:

  • It operates in an entirely dust-free according to industry needs, environment.
  • It has a heavy-duty construction.
  • It can be made from different heavy-duty materials, including wear-resistant Stainless Steel, for longevity.
  • It has a simple design with few components.
  • Additional special features including bearings, covers, flights, inlets, mountings and outlets
  • It has larger diameters, complete with a range of chemical-resistant liners
  • It has a degree of inclination
  • Manufacture with matching specialised conveying/blending requirements
  • Utilises low power for enhanced energy cost savings
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • The design comes with fully sealed lids and gasket joints for added safety against spillage and odour.
  • The design features also include no central shaft, which means lower speeds and higher filling rates of materials that would otherwise become jammed or entangled. This increases efficiency and minor wear and tear and maintenance.
  • The simple design reduces the risk of materials clogging the conveyor when damp, fibrous or sticky materials are fed into it.
  • It is easy to operate the transfer of materials efficient and straightforward.

This type of conveyor has several benefits aside from being able to move challenging to handle materials:

  • It is a low maintenance product, reducing time and money spent on upkeep
  • It is reliable and long-lasting
  • Spillages are eliminated due to their fully enclosed design. This also means odours are contained.
  • The moving parts of the centreless screw conveyor are fully protected, reducing any health and safety issues.
  • It is easy to clean with accessible parts and has self-cleaning properties
  • The Wrights Dowson Group manufactures its centreless screw conveyors in the UK, thereby reducing delivery times

Wrights Dowson Group centreless screw conveyors are available custom made to client specifications, including lengths and throughputs.

Types of Materials Handled

This type of custom made screw conveyor can be used to handle the following types of materials:

  • Free-flowing materials such as ash, chemicals and powder
  • Large particle materials such as wood chips
  • Mixed sized materials such as biomass, paper and wood
  • Abrasive materials including cinder, asphalt, aggregate, gravel and sand
  • Wet or sticky materials including sewage, sludge and general waste
  • Limestone

Thanks to its integrated design, such difficult to handle materials can be moved without spillage or contamination. The centreless screw conveyor design means that materials won’t stick to it, guaranteeing faster conveying.

Why Choose The Wrights Dowson Group?

Apart from The Wrights Dowson Group’s long-established reputation as a UK-based centreless screw conveyor manufacturer, it also manufactures a comprehensive and fast delivery service of all types of screw conveyor parts, segments, bearings and spares.

In addition, the Wrights Dowson Group uses the latest innovations in CAD and 3D modelling to offer a complete design service for bespoke and non-standard bespoke applications.

We also manufacture a wide range of other types of screw conveyor products. If you’re looking to find out more about centreless screw conveyors and different kinds of products from the Wrights Dowson Group, get in touch with us for a quotation, advice, and support.