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    Screw Conveyor Components

    Screw Conveyor Casing A Segments Product Page

    With over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of screw conveyor segments, screw conveyor blades and flights, Wrights Dowson Group is continually asked, can you do this?


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    Metering Screw Feeder

    metering screw feeder

    Allied to their expertise and reputation for design and manufacture of screw conveyors, valves, discharge equipment and a variety of associated bulk solids handling equipment, Wrights Dowson Group also manufacture under license the MetaTech™, Volumetric Metering Screw Feeder.


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    Bin Activator Systems

    activator system

    Wrights Dowson Group, Bin Activators, are manufactured in the UK under licence from Metalfab Inc. N.J., U.S.A., one of the world’s leading bin activator designer and manufacturer.


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    Bin Dischargers


    The Wrights Dowson Group, Bin Dischargers are a proven and effective method of discharging powder and granular materials from storage bins and are also ideal for controlling the discharge at either fixed or variable flow rates.


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    Screw Conveyor Segments

    Segments A Product Page

    The Wrights Dowson Group range of screw conveyor components are of heavy-duty construction and proven design and compatible with existing plant design and configurations.


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    Self Lubricating Hanger Bearings

    self lubricating

    Maintenance Engineers have long had a problem with screw conveyor bearings and hanger bearings in inaccessible positions, which require frequent lubrication. The Wrights Dowson Group, Self Lubricating (SLG) Bearings provide an ideal solution.


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    Ceramic Hanger Bearings and Inserts

    Wrights Dowson Group is the UK Distributor for Morgan Technical Ceramics, Z Hanger Bearings, the bearing which provides long term, highly efficient solutions for screw conveyors and bucket conveyors operating in tough abrasive environments.


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    Type PS Powder Sampler

    type ps

    The type PS Powder Sampler is for material ranging from microscopic powders to large granules and pellets, or heavy viscosity liquids with solid suspensions.


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    Type PT Sampler

    Type PT

    The type PT industrial sampler is primarily used for granules and pellets and is designed to collect accurate samples when mounted on positive or negative, vertical or horizontal pneumatic conveying systems or, gravity chutes.


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    Type HD-PP Industrial Sampler

    type hd pp

    The type HD-PP industrial sampler is used for free-flowing materials ranging from microscopic powders to large granules & pellets and heavy viscosity liquids with acid suspensions. It is suitable for the collection of accurate samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems (positive or negative, dense or dilute phase) and can be mounted in vertical or horizontal lines, spouts or chutes.


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    Mid Belt RS Sampler Supplier

    mid belt

    he Mid Belt Rotating Scoop industrial sampler is used to sample the contents of a moving conveyor belt in one pass at pre determined intervals.
    Operationally, the InterSystems Mid Belt RS, rotating scoop sampler is designed to handle a variety of materials sized from dust to 100mm and provides a clean sweep of the required belt sample directing it through a gravity chute to the collection system.


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    Belt End HD-PRT Industrial Sampler

    belt end

    The type HD-PRT industrial sampler is used for collecting samples from a wide range of materials. Suitable for fines with small or large particles it also works with abrasive products and provides representative and repeatable samples.


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    Type GRA/GRE Powder Samplers

    Type GRA/GRE

    The Cross Cut type of industrial samplers is acknowledged as the most truly representative method of automatic sampling for free-flowing segregated materials, including granules, powders and pellets.


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    Type LF Samplers

    type lf

    The type LF industrial liquid sampler is used for sampling a wide viscosity range of liquids, from pipelines and tanks and is mounted as required through a standard flange arrangement.


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    Powder Sampler Systems

    powder sampler

    To complement the range of InterSystems, industrial and powder samplers offered by the Wrights Dowson Group, a sample collection system (SCS) also known as the Carousel enables separate samples to be collected automatically at or near the sampling point until required. Included in the controller is an over-ride feature which allows manual operation if desired.


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    Custom Designed Centreless Screw Conveyors

    Centreless Screw Conveyor

    The Wrights Dowson Group continue to expand their long established reputation for quality and speed of delivery for the supply of screw conveyors. Adding centreless screw technology to its already impressive product portfolio has opened up further opportunities.


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    Vertical Screw Conveyor


    The Wrights Dowson Group continue to build on their long established reputation for quality and speed of delivery for the supply of screw conveyors.


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    Tubular Screw Conveyor


    The Wrights Dowson Group continue to build on their long established reputation for quality and speed of delivery for the manufacture and supply of screw conveyors.


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    U Trough Screw Conveyors

    U Trough

    With an established reputation for quality and speed of delivery for the manufacture and supply of screw conveyors, The Wrights Dowson Group also remain at the forefront of screw conveyor development.


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