Bin Disharger A Product PageThe Wrights Dowson Group, Bin Dischargers are a proven and effective method of discharging powder and granular materials from storage bins and are also ideal for controlling the discharge at either fixed or variable flow rates.

The design scope of the Screw Bin Discharger is extensive and the standard equipment is typically covered by the following:

  • Single or twin worm configuration.
  • Manufactured in mild or stainless steels.
  • Normal or heavy-duty construction.
  • Size range, 160mm to 400mm diameter.
  • Throughput capacities from 2.8 to 626M3/hr.
  • Fixed or variable speed drives are optional with screw assemblies driven individually or by a common drive using spur gears.

Bin Discharger B Product PageHowever, multi-worm machines are available for wide inlet openings and together with such variations as tapered screws and troughs as well as special inlets and tailored casing lengths, can be provided to suit specific requirements.

For advice on sizing and for a quotation, please consult a Wrights Dowson Group sales engineer with the following information where possible.

  • Details of the material to be handled, density, particle size and condition (free flowing, moisture content etc).
  • Maximum material discharge rate.
  • Bin outlet details to which the discharger is to be fitted, overall length of discharger or discharger length with extended conveyor.

Alternatively, for additional technical information on Screw Bin Dischargers or to request a quotation, please contact us.