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    About Us

    By combining superior product quality with constant availability and highly competitive prices, the Wrights Dowson Group offer you the best in bulk material handling equipment and systems. We have a wealth of experience providing systems for use in many sectors including mining and minerals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, flour and feed milling, animal feeds compounding, animal byproducts, grain and fertilisers. You may be looking for screw conveyors, valves or bearings, a conveyor or feeder, or a complete bulk handling system. Whatever your need, you will find our combination of experience and expertise gives you the best in quality, availability and price. Here are our products:

    • Screw Conveyors

    • Industrial Samplers

    • Hanger Bearings

    • Bin Activators

    • Metering Screw Feeder Systems

    • Screw Conveyor Segments

    • CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals

    • Slide Valves, Rotary Valves and Diverter Valves

    Wrights Dowson Group, member of SHAPA