The Wrights Dowson Group is one of the leading suppliers for rotary shaft seals in the UK. Rotary shaft seals are vital components for bulk handling equipment, screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, food processors and more. Thanks to their versatility, it’s no wonder they’ve found applications in a wide range of industries.

Rotary shaft seals seal the space around rotating shafts to ensure that no product can leak from the machinery and no contaminants can enter the product. This article will discuss five things you might not know about these clever inventions and how they can improve your manufacturing process.

1. Rotary Shaft Seals are Used in More Industries Than You Think

Perhaps you haven’t spent much time thinking about the applications of rotary shaft seals before. Still, we can assure you that these helpful components are incorporated into many industries you might never think of!

For commercial baking, rotary shaft seals are used in dough and slurry mixers, dough pumps, and flour conveyors. Here, they stop the waste of ingredients, avoid contaminated flour and prevent shut down of production.

Rotary Shaft seals also use meat and poultry processing, sugar and spices, cement and gypsum manufacturing, and chocolate making!

2. Rotary Shaft Seals Can Keep Your Workforce Safe

That’s right! Rotary shaft seals can take credit for keeping your workforce safe. How? By containing toxic fumes and vapours, dust clouds, and other contaminants that might escape into the air in your work environment through a poorly sealed rotating shaft.

This is especially important in pharmaceutical and industrial industries. The toxic product can include arsenic, asbestos, caustic soda and lead oxide, just to name a few examples. If these contaminants are spilt into the air, your workforce could fall ill as a result. Because of this, Rotary Shaft Seals are vital components of your health and safety strategy.

3. Rotary Shaft Seals are Cost-Effective

Rotary shaft seals are an affordable upgrade to your bulk handling equipment. Their cost pays itself back quickly every time they prevent the product from suffering contamination or leaking. Product waste has a significant impact on your bottom line, ensuring you don’t make as much profit as possible. With a long-lasting rotary shaft seal, you can create valuable savings for years.

4. Rotary Shaft Seals Are Easy to Maintain

Did you know you don’t have to call in an installer to set up your rotary shaft seal? These seals are immensely easy to install and apply to your equipment, so long as you have worked with your supplier to find the correct specifications. This means they will start working for you quickly and without any hassle.

What’s more, is that rotary seals are as easy to disassemble as they are to assemble. This means you can easily take them apart for cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your rotary shaft seals maintain their high performance for years to come.

Unlike Lip Seals, Cinchseal’s Rotary Shafts are also less likely to fracture. This is because they come with a larger surface, which makes them more durable. Additionally, they are constructed to float around the shaft and avoid unnecessary friction, ensuring that they don’t damage the shaft itself.

5. Fashioned to Your Specifications

If you’re unsure if rotary shaft seals would work for your applications, get in touch with the Wrights Dowson Group for a consultation.

Because here’s a secret: We can make rotary shaft seals work to your specifications. Just call up to tell us what product you are handling, and give us the dimensions and materials of your equipment. Then, our experienced engineers can help you find the right component for your applications.

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