Powder sampling is an integral part of quality control in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. In this procedure, a powder sample is picked from a moving or stationary powder supply and taken away for analysis. This allows laboratories to check for the consistency, quality and purity of powder in their manufacturing process.

By sampling powder, manufacturers can ensure that problems in the production are noticed early and can thus be corrected. This ensures you never waste more product than necessary and can protect your bottom line.

The Wrights Dowson Group is a leading supplier of powder sampling systems in the UK. We can offer suitable powder sampling systems for your requirements with an established reputation for quality and quick delivery.

Here are three things to know about powder sampler systems:

1. Our Powder Sampler Systems Work with a Range of Industrial Samplers for All Applications

To ensure successful quality testing of powers, you need the correct type of powder sampler for the size and type of granules and powders you wish to analyze. As a result of this, it also matters whether your powder is stationary or in motion. Our Powder Sampler systems work with a variety of industrial samplers for any application.

The PS Powder Sampler is for material ranging from microscopic to large granules and pellets. It can also sample liquids with heavy viscosity.

Our PT Sampler is ideal for granules and pellets. It’s designed to collect accurate samples when mounted on pneumatic conveying systems or gravity chutes, whether positive, negative, vertical or horizontal.

The HD-PP Industrial Sampler is used for free-flowing materials. It’s suitable both for microscopic powders and larger pellets and granules. It functions with gravity or pneumatic conveying systems and can be mounted on vertical or horizontal spouts, chutes or lines.

Visit our product page to learn more about our range of industrial samplers.

2. Powder Sampling Systems Automate the Sampling Process

A sample collection system (SCS), also called a carousel, can separate samples and automatically collect them at or near a sampling point. For example, the powder sampling system takes powder samples over a given period and at automated intervals. It then deposits a preset number of samples into a sample jar that only has to be capped by an operator before moving along a conveyor system to the laboratory for analysis.

Our SCS only takes the preset number of samples and places a new empty sample jar in readiness for the next round of sampling.

When powder sampling, it is essential to stick to set intervals to get the most indicative and helpful results in analysis. That’s why an automated system is vital in abolishing human error and freeing up your operatives to focus on other work.

3. Our Sampling Systems Are Always Made to Suit Site Requirements and Customer Specifications

Unsure if one of our industrial samplers or automatic powder sampling systems is right for your applications? The Wrights Dowson Group always creates its sampling systems based on customer specifications.

No matter the requirements of your application, we can recommend suitable powder or liquid samplers in combination with a practical and automated sampling system. This will allow you to choose the features you need, including security locks and plexiglass doors or manual overwrites for automatic sampling.

The Wrights Dowson Group’s Engineers are always happy to help you when any questions arise. We can consult you one on one to ensure you find the powder sampling system that suits your process best. Get in touch with the team at the Wrights Dowson Group for technical support and quotations.